New Library plans

The town hall façade remains an integral part of the Council’s library plans. PICTURE: BT ARCHIVES

The new library and archive facility are back on the Broken Hill City Council (BHCC) agenda with new plans and a savings of $6 million on the old proposal.

The new library will have a floor space of 1300 square metres and be attached to the town hall façade behind the present library.

The old library will be renovated and become the new archives building with the original firehouse façade uncovered.

“This is a good outcome for the community, we get the library and the archives at considerable savings and we get banners and wayfinding signs in the CBD,” Mayor Tom Kennedy said.

He said the important thing is that Council is building within its financial constraints, which has been Mayor Kennedy’s plan since the library proposal was raised.


“Council has voted to spend 12 million on the new library and archive which will be funded by State and Federal contribution,” General Manager Jay Nankivell said.

Federal funding of $8.7 million and State funding of $2.9 million will pay for the library Mr Nankivell explained.

The Federal and State funding had been a contentious issue with some Councillors considering the money may be lost with the ceasing of the original proposal but Mr Nankivell believes BHCC will be able to keep the funding.

“We’ve come up with a design process that is a variation to the original submissions and that shouldn’t put the funding in jeopardy,” he said.

“The Council contribution that was already within council budget will be for further works on CBD revitalisation project which will go out to the community for further consultation on the priority areas,” Mr Nankivell added.

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