New diet claims to stave off diabetes two through sensible weight loss

By Stuart Kavanagh

A new diet claimed by its inventors to be able to reverse type two diabetes, has been successful for a Broken Hill local who says she has lost 20kilos and never felt better.

Diabetes is a major issue in Australia, with 280 Australians developing diabetes every day. That’s one person every five minutes.

Around 1.7 million Australians have diabetes and more than 100,000 Australians have developed diabetes in the past year.

Diabetes 2 is known as the lifestyle diabetes in that it often strikes those overweight due to unhealthy eating, and being unfit.

The diet, developed by former Cricket Australia, Socceroos and Liverpool FC team doctor Dr Peter Brukner, is a low-carb offering which Dr Brukner says has shown significant improvements for those involved in a case study.

“We’re giving people hope that they can beat type two diabetes. Giving them hope that they can get off medication and lose weight.” Dr Brukner told the Barrier Truth.

Since the Defeat Diabetes program was launched in January 2021, it has helped over 5000 Australians send their type two diabetes or pre-diabetes into remission, including local midwife Toni Bahler. She had this to say about the program.

“I felt quite crook last year, so I got my bloods done. It turned out my blood sugar levels were quite high. My HBA1C was at 11.1, an awful level.

I chose to fix it through diet, and that’s when I came across the Defeat Diabetes program. It appealed to me because it was science-based, Australian, and seemed easy to implement.

Since then, I have lost 20 kilos and put my type two diabetes into remission.

“I probably won’t eat any other way again.”

Over half of the participants in the case study saw their pre or type two diabetes into remission, with 30% of participants able to stop taking medication for their diabetes, and four in five participants experiencing significant weight loss.

The diet is a 26 week weight loss program coupled with exercise and essentially revolves around eating regular meals throughout the day, evenly spread your carbohydrate intake throughout the day, eat a lower-fat diet, especially lower in saturated fat, and you may have to have snacks between your meals if you take insulin.

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