New childcare centre on the horizon

There was welcome news for parents and carers out of this week’s Council meeting with the announcement that a plot of land in Clark St has bought up by an as yet unnamed childcare provider, who intend to build a facility in the near future.

That same provider has also shown interest in another piece of land too.

“This is really a step in the right direction, and it is something that the council has been pushing for a number of years now,” Mayor Tom Kennedy told us.

Speak to any parents in Broken Hill and they will tell you the childcare situation is dire, thanks to severe shortages of staff.

The new operation cannot come soon enough – the national child to available childcare spaces ratio sits at one spot for every three children but in the relative childcare desert that is Broken Hill, the ratio is much worse at one to seven.

Mayor Kennedy hopes the good news will continue.

“Broken Hill is going ahead economically and it is seen as an opportunity for these providers to come in here and provide a service that is much needed.”

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