Nanua Gymkhana cancelled due to rain

Organisers of the Nanua Picnic Races and Gymkhana have made the difficult decision to cancel this weekend’s program at the Kimberly Station racecourse.

Coming off the back of two years of cancellations due to Covid-19, the large amount of rain that has fallen across the region means that this weekend’s event had to be postponed.

It is not the first-time a weather event has caused the cancellation during the Gmykhana’s 77-year history.

Martika Harrison, co-secretary of the Nanua Race Club, said that it is really disappointing for all those who have put a lot of work into organising and preparing for the event.

“In fact, it has been quite devastating for the committee and all those involved in organising the event.


“There has been a large volume of rain fall and while we are happy to see the rain on one hand it is still difficult for all those involved in trying to get the event going after the Covid-19 issues.

“We would also like to thank everyone who has been involved with the club and committee. Their efforts have been well recognised and we wouldn’t be able to run events like this without the continuous support from committee sponsors and volunteers.

“Everyone was very supportive, and it would have been a fantastic event.

“We will be back on eventually and the spirit of the Nanua Races will continue to be passed along through generations.

“It has been an institution in many families in the area who have fond memories over the years.

“We are asking if you have any wonderful memories or pictures/footage and stories to contact the club, so we can share and reminisce in these memories also.

“These can be emailed to [email protected]

“We just need put on a smile and move on with the day,” Ms Harrison said.

Mignonne Symonds, a committee member, said the decision to cancel the event came on Thursday morning.

“There has been over 60mm of rain fall on Kimberly Station and the roads are closed.

“We ask people not to head out that way because if people try to travel on the roads it will damage the roads further and that isn’t fair to the farmers and those who live in the areas,” Ms Symonds said.

The committee is discussing options for a reduced event a little later in the year. We’ll let readers know of any developments as we get them.

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