Musos evacuated

A cool photo from 1970's of the Broken Hill Musician's Club.

A fire broke out in the kitchen of the Musicians Clubs at around 6pm on Monday night.

Apparently, a thermostat failed, and a deep fryer caught alight.

Musicians General Manager Michael Boland said the club staff responded in a professional and efficient manner.

They extinguished the fire which was based around the stove area, he explained.

The club patrons were immediately evacuated with the staff to the muster area in the car park.

“Everybody was out of the building and the fire under control in 30 seconds.,” Mr Boland said.

“I’m very happy with how everyone left the club in an efficient and quick manner,”

“Our patrons and staff safety are paramount,” he said.

The fire brigade was called and checked the scene to ensure the fire was completely out.

When the Ok was given by the fire brigade the unaffected part of the club was reopened to patrons minus the restaurant.

“It’s always good if you have a fire in your house or business to call 000 and get the fire brigade to make sure it’s extinguished properly,” Clayton Spencer, Broken Hill Acting Station Officer said.

“There is not now, nor has there ever been, a time when you had to pay for the fire brigade to attend. It’s a matter of safety and when it’s something like a fire in an oven we can write a fire report so people can claim the item on their insurance, Mr Spencer said.

“Usually, in a fire, you would close the door to the room, hopefully decreasing its spread, and leave the scene to wait for the fire brigade to arrive,” he said.

The kitchen was again checked over by gas technicians on Tuesday and the Club was reopened for dinner and fun again.

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