Broken Hill about More than Miners

Cornish people are well known for their mining expertise, not least with tin mining, but their skills extend well beyond just digging stuff up, as a new book called More Than Miners reveals.

Under The Silver Tree bookshop has copies of the new book which in part has a focus on South Australia and plenty on Broken Hill, including a chapter written by Robynne Sanderson, who works at the bookshop.

Robynne’s contribution is about Cornish musicians in Broken Hill, which as we all know has a rich musical heritage, and it tuns out that in no small part thanks to the Cornish.

Some of Broken Hill’s many Cornish families discussed in the book include the Nankivell, Richards, Semmens, Trenaman and Trenerry families. The book also looks at Broken Hill bands, choirs and orchestras with strong Cornish connections.

In the photo Robynne is pictured at Under The Silver Tree bookshop, holding a copy of the new book and wearing the Cornish tartan.  She is also holding a conductor’s baton which originally belonged to her uncle who conducted the Barrier Boys Brigade Orchestra featured on the front cover of More than Miners.

Robynne, who is in her third year of Cornish language study, is happy to sign copies of the book at the bookshop on Wednesdays and Fridays, or to chat about Cornish heritage.

Under The Silver Tree bookshop, at 29 Sulphide Street, is open Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturdays 10am to 1pm.

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