Mo the pharmacist runs successful Menindee vaccination program

Pharmacist Mohamud Yousef – who likes to be called Mo – has been running the Menindee Pharmacy and the Sunset Strip outlet for over a year and successfully set-up a vaccination room on the premises and has run the successful Menindee vaccination program.

It’s quite a feat and for the small and relatively isolated community a major plus.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve done here, the community is so lovely,” Mo said.

The vaccination room was essential to the successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program in Menindee.

“I’ve managed to vaccinate most of the Menindee population, twice [against Covid],” Mo says.

The room was built to the required standards and offers people privacy when having their vaccinations, or if they need to ask personal questions.

The vaccination room also allows Mo to treat allergic reactions and he has the trust of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“The pharmacy is for the benefit of residents, it is a privilege to offer services that our community needs,” Mo said.

Menindee resident, John at the Woodfired Pizza Shop, said the community had a pharmacy over 20 years ago then it closed before reopening four years ago.

“It’s been great having a pharmacy in Menindee again,” John said.

In the days before there was a pharmacy in Menindee and Sunset Strip, people had to have medication brought from Broken Hill.

Today, two staff work with Mo at the pharmacy, Noelene Edwards and Destiny Martin.

Mo explained that his staff, because they know the Menindee community well, have been integral in helping him understand the needs of his customers.

Ms Edwards who has worked at the pharmacy since December, said there is real community confidence in the service they offer.

“I love working here, I didn’t have any experience in this field before,” she said.

She added she is grateful for the opportunity and is currently training in the field by taking the pharmacy assist course, and she has received top marks throughout the course.

Ms Edwards said in her time at the pharmacy they have seen the shelf stock increase considerably in response to community demand and the scripts being filled have increased by 200%.

Mo says, “Remote communities need this type of personal care, we take the time to listen and offer advice, whereas you don’t have the same time and opportunity in a busy city pharmacy.”

Ms Edwards said the main increase in demand is for webster packs.

These packs are for people who have to take multiple medications, they package the medication for each day to ensure people take the right dosage.

Mo said he would like to see more pharmacists consider remote areas but he thinks that unfortunately some pharmacists considered a remote placement as a type of negative move, rather than an opportunity.

Mo studied pharmacy at the University of South Australia and is currently studying a postgraduate degree through Monash University.

People can drop in to see Mo at the Sunset Strip outlet between 8am and 9:30am or 4:15pm and 6pm on weekdays, or at the Menindee Pharmacy between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

Mo says he would like to thank the local community for their ongoing support.

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