Missing calls at the races

The Broken Hill Racecourse is a hub of activity not just for the races but for major events like Ag Fair and the Mundi Mundi Bash.

People are also using the facilities at the racecourse for weddings and other celebrations.

At the recent races, attendees described the day as fantastic.

“It was a great day but, in the marque I was in, the performer kept having trouble because the internet kept dropping out,” said a visitor from Port Lincoln.

The internet and phone connectivity became quite an issue and has other organisations attempting to work together to ensure coverage for future events.


Ag fair and The Mundi Mundi Bash will need good coverage.

The Bash will have around 800 caravans staying at the racecourse which means a considerable number of people expecting phone and internet coverage.

Ag fair will need internet for phones as well as EFTPOS, as we all know, we do like to buy a little something when we go to Affair.

One spokesman said it’s important to talk to the providers as a group and ensure that coverage is improved for the Broken Hill Racecourse.

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