Foundation to provide lodging for cancer patients

The establishment of the Mildura Health Foundation (MHF) is set to provide enhanced support for patients undergoing radiation treatment at the Mildura Health Icon Cancer Centre. The Foundation will finance ten self-contained apartments for travelling patients, located just a stone’s throw from the Centre.

The apartments will be available to both public and private patients undergoing radiation treatment, either free of charge or at a low cost after state government rebates.

Set for construction on Thirteenth Street, the new housing will be located just 200 metres from the Cancer Centre, relieving patients of the financial burden of finding accommodation, allowing them to concentrate on treatment and recovery.

Mildura Health Foundation chair Terry Hill emphasised patient accommodation is an essential aspect of the cancer journey, especially for those who live more than 80 kilometres from Mildura.

“If they didn’t have the support of the accommodation, they would have to find their own accommodation and be away from their family, and unfortunately often this type of treatment can go on for five days a week, for six weeks,” Mr Hill said.

The Foundation aims to raise $5 million for the accommodation project through donations and grants. Established by Mildura Health, which includes the MHF and Mildura Health Private Hospital, the Foundation is uniquely positioned to make significant impacts on local healthcare.

“Having a private health insurer in a regional area like Mildura is unique and provides a strong catalyst to drive health outcomes in this community,” Mr Hill noted.

“There is no health fund as remote as MHF, and this is where, with the support of members, we can make real changes to our health landscape.”

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