Metal returns to Palace

Victoria K performing at a recent show in Sydney.

Australian symphonic metallers Victoria K will be gracing Broken Hill in the final stage of their first Australian tour in support of their 2020 debut album Essentia.

The band began the tour in November 2021 but was unable to make it to Broken Hill in January due to COVID.

Lead Singer Victoria Knight said that even though it has been a disjointed tour, the band is grateful they have still got to do all the shows and visit all the towns they wanted to reach.

“We can’t wait to get to beautiful Broken Hill, and we are stoked to be playing in the outback for the first time.

“We always love bringing our music to regional areas and playing the outback will be an incredible experience. We can’t wait to meet everyone there for a night of awesome music.”


Ms Knight said that it has been great to play some smaller towns and see the audience really getting into their music, even if it is not the genre they usually listen to.

“We played in Whyalla not too long ago. Everyone got into it and really enjoyed it even though they may not normally listen to our sort of music. I am really happy to be playing to different parts of Australia.”

For Ms Knight, music has been a way to observe, explore and question human behaviours. She said that the deeper emotions that people don’t talk about or often brush aside have always had extra appeal to her.

“I feel really connected to and like to observe how people behave and how people react to things and see people’s feelings and emotions. That is something that comes through the literature that I read.”

“I connect to it on a different level to other art forms, Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft. It’s got this atmosphere and energy which is really beautiful and tranquil as well as dark and macabre.

I really like to capture that and try to recreate that within my music.”

Ms Knight said that her interest and love for the macabre gothic was introduced to her at a young age through her parents.

“Mum was always a metalhead, ever since she was young and she introduced me to Evanescence. I got really into grungy emo rock of the early 2000s, that progressed into bands like Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Nightwish, and Kamelot and that started the symphonic type things. My taste is always evolving.”

Victoria K will be playing next Saturday alongside Firestorm, Feed the Fire, and Lumens, at the Palace Hotel.

Ms Knight said that there is a good mix of different metal styles playing on the night and that the show should have something for everyone.

“I think it will create a really dynamic show which is going to be really exciting to watch.”

Event organiser Ash Meadows (Lead Heavy Promotions) said the event marks a return of metal to the Palace Hotel, with the last metal show being played by Soulforge back in 2012.

“This is an exciting time for metal in Broken Hill. We have a great group of attendees and a revolving line-up of super solid bands coming out to Broken Hill, this will be the first of many shows lined up for Broken Hill this year and we will be enjoying a wide variety of styles within the metal-rock wheelhouse,”

“There will truly be something for everyone!”

Palace Hotel Saturday 14/5/22 7pm start $5 door charge, don’t miss out!

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