Meet the lead of World of Musicals

If Ciaran Olohan sings like he talks, the World of Musicals is going to wow audiences, he has that melting Irishman accent.

“I’m looking forward to performing in Broken Hill,” Mr Olohan said.

Mr Olohan is the lead in the World of Musical’s live production, which comes to Broken Hill on Friday July 29.

The show has been touring since 2012. Ciaran Olohan joined the show in 2016.

Before the show came to Australia it was performed on London’s West End and Broadway.

The cast touched down in Sydney on March 16 (the day before St Paddy’s day) and began their tour in South Australia before travelling through every State and Territory in Australia and they are almost at the end of their 86 show tour.

“When you are on tour you become great friends. You form a special kind of relationship because you are spending so much time together, you perform together, you live together. Some of my best friends are people I have been on tour with over the last few years. I feel very fortunate to have found a home with the show,” Mr Olohan said.

Mr Olohan said that a lot of regional audiences haven’t had live entertainment or theatre for the last couple of years and World of Musicals is the first show they’ve been out to.

“If you haven’t been out to the theatre in the last couple of years this is the one for you. It’s a great show to dip your toe in the water of live shows, because its upbeat, fun, lighthearted and guaranteed to put a smile on your face,” Mr Olohan said.

They had one embarrassing moment at a show on Tuesday night when they were performing the song Gee Officer Krupke from West Side Story.

In the show they pass around a newspaper that is rolled up and they bonk cast member, Kevin Olohan (Ciaran’s brother) on the head with the rolled-up newspaper.

As Mr Olohan went to bonk his brother on the head the newspaper flew out of his hand, landed in the second row of the audience and one of the other cast members, Richard, had to lean in and say ‘hey can we have that back please.’

“The audience and the cast had a good giggle, needless to say I was embarrassed,” Mr Olohan said.

The show has musical favourites, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rogers and Hammerstein, and a couple of homegrown ones from Peter Allen.

“After the last couple of years that we’ve had without performing (due to COVID-19), I will never take performing or travelling for granted again,” Mr Olohan said.

Mr Olohan said one of the side-effects of the COVID environment has been creating a positive attitude, he doesn’t let an opportunity pass by now.

“I’m looking forward to the future now, where there’s only good things coming for all of us. All of us deserve some good times, a bit of fun and something to look forward to,” Mr Olohan said.

“The audiences on tour have been great, I consider myself very lucky to be doing this show,” Mr Olohan said.

The cast only have three more shows after Broken Hill before they head home to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Olohan brothers call Whitlow in Ireland their home.

“After such a long time together. It’s weird to say goodbye but I’m looking forward to going back home to spend time with my parents. My Dad, Max is a little unwell,” Mr Olohan said.

The cast tour for about nine months of the year then have three months at home to rest before the next tour which includes New Zealand between November and Christmas, the US in January and China for a Summer tour.

The show is promoted by Rockets Entertainment based in Victoria and is produced by Michael Durkin who was based in Sydney but is now living in Ireland.

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