Mates shave to show support for local lad’s fight for life

Adam Slattery

Local lad Adam Slattery Jr is currently in Adelaide for the fight of his young life after a random visit to Broken Hill Base Hospital for a cough turned into an emergency Royal Flying Doctor dash to save him from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia T Cell.

Keen go-kart racer and football player, Adam presented to the local hospital with a cough and flu like symptoms last month, so with doctors suspecting pneumonia they kept him in overnight for further monitoring.

But the next day, Adam was flown to Adelaide by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) as his breathing worsened, and the following morning when unable to breath he was admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Adam’s diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia T Cell came as a massive shock to the 20-year-old and his family and friends. With treatment commencing the day he came out of ICU; Adam has now completed the first round of treatment – four rounds of chemotherapy in four weeks.

As an outpatient in Adelaide, Adam is about to undertake a second 30-day chemotherapy treatment plan, including treatments at the hospital three days a week and one treatment at his accommodation. Unable to travel home to the Hill for Christmas, Adam’s family and friends will be by his side.

“Adam will not be able to travel home for Christmas and has been told to expect a six month stay in Adelaide for the initial rounds of treatment,” Adam’s brother Aidan Slattery told the Barrier Truth. “It’s likely he’ll need ongoing treatment over the next two years.”

Adam started losing his hair during the third week of chemotherapy.

“It became obvious that Adam was going to need to shave his hair, so I got six of his mates together and we all travelled to Adelaide to shave our hair at the same time as he did,” said Aidan.

“Adam was happy to have us all there with him. It helped to turn a sad situation into an enjoyable day, with him starting each head shave on each person.

“Those in the room will never forget those memories. Simultaneously over FaceTime our grandfather and cousin shared the experience and shaved their heads.

No money is being requested but over the next few days, 11 more of Adam’s family and friends will shave their heads in a show of support and encouragement.

“All of those who shaved their heads did so as a sign of support and strength to Adam. No money was involved or requested. Our family are just very grateful for the support shown to Adam. It went far further than we ever imagined and turned into a true show of mateship that will live with us forever,” shared Aidan.

Adam lost 17kg in the first month of treatment and is now resting in preparation for round two of chemotherapy.

“Adam is very thankful for the many people who have reached out via text, messenger and visited him over the past month,” said Aidan. “It really does make a difference.”

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