Making Tracks making music in the Hill

Making Tracks youth and Indigenous elders from the Broken Hill region came together with Desert Pea Media this year to collaborate on a music video project that was released last week.

The debut single, The Hill – Butterfly, shares a perspective of the harsh realities of growing up in the Far West of NSW for some, and explores the impact of trauma and grief on the nervous system, pointing towards positive pathways of connection to country and cultural identity.

The release comes after a week-long creative endeavour between Desert Pea Media (DPM) in partnership with Making Tracks Far West NSW Incorporated and a few of the region’s first nations people back in June.

Funded by the Department of Regional NSW, a collective of Indigenous young people, community members and elders celebrated the release of Butterfly, described as “an emotive, melodic trap banger that articulates a very brave and inspiring conversation about the hard realities of growing up and living in the Far West.”

While Making Tracks aims to inspire and empower disengaged youth in Broken Hill and the Far West, the complimentary creative collaboration was formed with DPM’s community-driven media projects that aim to amplify the voices of remote and regional communities around the country. Collaboratively written and produced by DPM, the track features music by Sydney-based artist PEVCE and shares a powerful and heartfelt message.

DPM Creative Director Toby Finlayson said, “through innovative arts and digital media initiatives, Desert Pea Media empowers individuals to tell their stories and celebrate their unique perspectives.

“It was a great honour to be invited back out to Broken Hill to work with the Making Tracks community,” Mr Finlayson told the Barrier Truth this week.

“We’ve been working out there for over 20 years, and reconnecting with community and country means a great deal to the DPM Team. Such a talented and amazing group of young people, and a very brave and important conversation. The crew and their families should be very proud.”

To check out The Hill – Butterfly, go to:

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