Mad Max legacy lives on: Locals say goodbye Furiosa production

The month-long shooting of the latest Max Max film Furiosa in Broken Hill is now wrapped up and many locals are still coming down from the high.

Movie director George Miller, producer Doug Mitchell and a star-studded cast have captured scenes for the film and left community members with another treasured memory.

After a successful homecoming of the blockbuster Hollywood film, residents share their thoughts and feelings about the atmosphere the production brought to the Silver City.

Local filmmaker, Jason King, believes it is a feather in the cap for Broken Hill to have a movie of that scale shoot locally.

“It’s inspiring for local filmmakers to see a film of this size come to town,” he said.


“It was a benefit for the community financially to have it come and hope it’s not the last time.”

The excitement was truly in the air for the entire June and was the talk of the town from beginning to end.

The main streets of town and surrounding areas were also extra busy with the large number of crew members arriving in the region for the project.

Furiosa also allowed locals to feature in the film as extras and stand-ins.

Christine Reddington, founder/director of Broken Hill Talent Agency, was responsible for finding the right fit.

She said it was a “fantastic” experience for the town and her business.

“There was heaps of buzz around town,” Ms Reddington said. “I think it was one of the most exciting things for the town because it puts us on the map.

“I thank the film crew for bringing the production to Broken Hill.”

That has added to the overall anticipation for the film that is expected to hit theatres in 2024.

Ms Reddington said she loved every minute of the process despite its stressful nature and the ongoing challenges.

“I’m proud of the talent that I sent out,” she said. “There was a lot of chops and changes but they dropped everything and I found that tremendous”

“Everyone was working extremely hard to make this happen.”

Many residents were hopeful of running into the cast, some lucky enough to get a snap with the movie’s main lead Chris Hemsworth.

“I think every girl wanted to go out and bump into Chris,” Ms Reddington said.

The local hospitality sector benefited from the influx of visitors, with accommodation already hard to secure.

“It’s not easy to have extra people in town but everyone took it in their stride,” Mr King said.

“It was a benefit for the community financially to have it come and hope it’s not the last time.”

The departure has left many with a void they can’t wait to fill.

Community members may not have to wait long before the next production comes to town.

“It was an exciting time for filmmakers in Broken Hill,” Mr King said.

“On the back of Furiosa, having a great drama like the RFDS series coming back shows what we can offer in this region.”

“I’m honoured and grateful the production came here,” Ms Reddington said.

“It was a great experience for a lot of people. “I’m ready for the next one —bring it on.”

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