Mad dash for the Bash

The Mundi Mundi Bash has the Broken Hill region being rapidly booked out and tourist sites are still getting over thirty calls a week to try and find a place to stay.

According to reliable sources, there are around 800 vans booked for the centre of the racecourse.

This hasn’t diminished bookings elsewhere.

In Broken Hill, both caravan parks are booked out and could easily have booked more people if they had the room.

Sharon, from Lakeview Caravan Park, said they have been booked out for ages and are still getting dozens of calls each week from people trying to find a place to stay.


“I noticed they’re still selling tickets for the event and Broken Hill is pretty much already full,” she said.

Broken Hill Tourist Park is also booked out before and after the Mundi Mundi Bash.

Motels in town are down to a few rooms left around the Bash.

The Mount Gipps Resort is booked out and is looking forward to having the campfire blazing when the visitors stay.

“We have one grassy spot left before the Bash but it’s an emergency place for campers who have trouble fitting into their booked site,“ said Jaquie Dyer from the Resort.

It isn’t just Broken Hill, Copi Hollow is also near full to bursting before the Bash and rapidly filling after, as is the Mount Gipps Station Stay.

Penrose Park only has some cabin rooms left with all the caravan sites booked.

“At the moment, we have the capacity for fifty people per day. The April bash will give us a chance to see how that goes and how we can prepare for the Mundi Mundi Bash in August,” said Terina Kingy from Penrose Park

According to Budget Direct Tourism Statistics, a tourist in NSW spends $193 a day.

If we have 10,000 people in Broken Hill and surrounds for two days on either side of the Mundi Mundi Bash, we have nearly 8 million dollars being injected into Broken Hill.

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