Love Childs 12th Birthday Party

Love Child

Silverton Pubs Love Child Volks Wagon Beetle is turning 12 this Sunday.

Silverton Pub Co Manager Peter Price said the car has been missing from the front of the pub for the past nine months.

“Regulars have been asking ‘where is the Love Child?’” Mr Price reported.

The VW has been on leave being revamped and it has returned all grown up and a new set of clothes.

“We are having a 12th birthday party to introduce you to the new teenage Love Child, you’re welcome to blow out the candles and share this special day with us,” Mr Price said.

The Love Child is based on a Mad Max theme and has been an icon in front of the pub for over a decade.

The Silverton Pub will have the band Straight Up playing from noon on Sunday with the Love Child’s official unveiling at 2pm.

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