Local netball gets a fresh feel

BHNA NetSetGo coordinator Megan Cumming and netballer Amelia Cumming with Mark Hartwig. PICTURE: ANDREW LODIONG

This year’s winter netball season shot off with a fresh new look and feel earlier this week.

Goalposts at the local courts have been wrapped with new paddings, and the league will also be able to make use of new match balls.

Twelve post paddings and 20 netballs were donated by Transport of NSW.

Broken Hill Netball Association (BHNA) Secretary and Umpire Coordinator Tori McManus, said it was a “gracious donation” and much needed for the upcoming season.

“This is definitely going to be a massive and appreciative use for our Association,” she said.

“We only have this short season left, and then we are onto our redevelopment, hopefully.

“These are a good addition to cap off the old courts and bring in the new one.”

The season is finally underway, following a fortnight delay due to difficulties with the player registration platform.

NetSetGo, the player development program for players aged 5-9, also started on Tuesday afternoon.

Ms McManus said all players are fired up to get going with the fresh equipment, making it a safer competition.

“We are so keen, and it’s about time,” she said. “The old padding we currently have is over ten years old, so this is definitely better.

“They are taller and international grade standard, so way safer. The new balls will get the players excited for sure.”

Mark Hartwig of Transport for NSW was delighted to make the donation and said the organisation regularly works with clubs to promote safety.

“It’s a two-in-one safety and we are really happy to work in conjunction with Broken Hill Netball Association to supply these to them,” he said.

“We want to make sure the players don’t get injured in any way if they run into it (goal posts).”

The padding is branded with drink-driving awareness slogans and incorporates the Towards Zero campaign.

“It’s not only about the players and the clubs. It’s also focused on the spectator,” Mr Hartwig said.

“We want them to be careful when they drink-drive. If they are over the limit, then look for other transport to get home.”

For more information or enquiries about the winter season, contact the BHNA at [email protected].

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