Local GWS Giants Academy

Name: Amalie Howse
Age: 15 (16s)
Local Club: North
In Giants Academy for: This is my second year.

Why do you participate in the
Giants Academy?
“More fitness, it’s good and
something to go and achieve at, it
can really take you places. It’s really
good for fitness and skills and stuff
like that.”

What AFL/AFLW players do you
liken your game style to and why?
Alicia Eva.

What are your footy aspirations
and how do you plan to
achieve them?
“I just want to play at the highest
level I can. I’ll keep playing locally
and doing the Giants Academy and
see what point I can get to.”

What would you consider
your biggest football
achievement so far?
“Probably just kicking goals in our
local games, I’ve kicked five in a
game maybe.”


Do you have a pregame meal,
ritual or superstition?
“I have a protein shake or a banana
and I have to have my hair out of my
face; braid, high pony, whatever.”

Who is your favourite
sportsperson/athlete outside of
football and why?
“I’m more into swimming, the
Australian Olympic team, they’re
all great. And Kalyce Pressler, she’s
really good. I aspire to be like her,
she has a positive mindset towards

Who is your favourite local
football player and why?
“Bec Deer. She just had good
ideas, knows what she’s doing,
and she really helps. She’s a really
good player.”

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