Lamb Oval vandalised

Southside’s Silver City Scorpion club house at ET Lamb Memorial Oval on Boughtman St was vandalised on the weekend of October 20 and police are calling on the community for information.

With low fencing around the oval and entry points for pedestrians, Silver City Scorpion Committee member, Rossi Morris, who is also on Broken Hill City Council’s 355 Committee told the Barrier Truth that he’d like to see improved lighting and security cameras installed to help manage the ongoing damage to property and the field.

“Club members and the local community were sad to see the vandalism done to the club’s buildings over the weekend,” Mr Morris told us. “2770 Mt Druitt is written on the shed so that may help police to trace the vandals.”

“We’re not allowed to lock the large gates with barbed wire, so we regularly have motorbikes riding in and digging up the oval.

“The poor oval has had a couple of issues – poor lighting at night being one. We need upgrades done to secure the grounds for all users,” Mr Morris said.

A Broken Hill City Council spokesperson told the Truth, “There are no plans to upgrade ET Lamb Memorial Oval at this point as Council is currently committed to the upgrade of the EP O’Neill Sports Complex. Council is happy to discuss the locking of gates with the s355 committee.”


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