Referendum Redo in Ivanhoe

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will revisit Ivanhoe, offering the remote town’s residents another chance to vote in the referendum.

This decision follows claims that many in the town were unaware of the AEC’s initial visit, leaving them without an opportunity to participate in Australia’s first referendum of the century.

Parkes MP, Mark Coulton, expressed his delight that Ivanhoe’s residents have been granted another opportunity to vote. He has urged the AEC to acknowledge the unique communication challenges faced by those in remote areas.

“I have called on the AEC to recognise that there are different communication needs in the bush than there are in the cities, with many constituents in remote areas who don’t primarily receive information via the internet and need to be contacted by other methods,” Mr Coulton said.

The Remote Voter Services team will return to Ivanhoe on today to conduct polling from 9am to 3pm at Ivanhoe Youth Centre on Cook Street.

“I’m pleased to hear that the AEC has answered calls from constituents and my office to provide Ivanhoe with another opportunity for in-person voting,” Mr Coulton said.

“Everyone should have an adequate opportunity to vote in the 2023 Referendum on a Voice to Parliament, no matter where they live.”

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