It is Wound Awareness Week

Far West Local Health District is hoping Wound Awareness Week 2022 – it runs from August 15 to 22 – will help raise awareness in the community of the impact of wounds and the services and treatments available to help.

All this week, the Broken Hill Health Service foyer has a display with information brochures for consumers to bring awareness to preventing chronic wounds, pressure injury prevention and management, and the signs and symptoms of a chronic wound or wound deterioration.

Anyone can develop chronic wounds from a range of causes including burns, abrasions, surgical wounds, vascular ulcers and skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

These can develop into problems especially if they become infected, are red and swollen, have a bad smell, ooze yellow liquid or take longer than a month to heal.

Clinical Nurse Consultant for Wound Management at the Far West Local Health District, Megan Jordan, says, “every day, nearly half a million Australians suffer from a chronic wound, with the cost of managing this close to $3 billion annually.

“Despite this, wounds remain a silent epidemic. Wounds can affect people at any stage of life, however, the most concerning are wounds that don’t heal and go on to ulcerate, such as venous leg ulcers,” said Ms Jordan.

“However, most of these wounds are completely treatable with the right care from a healthcare professional who is up to date with evidence based, best practice treatment.”

The aim is to target awareness of chronic wounds among both health care professionals and the public, helping them understand warning signs (pain, fluid, smell, over 30 days to heal), treatment options as well as where to go for education and resources.

For more information about Wounds Awareness Week and information on wounds to go or call Megan Jordan on 08 8080 2236.

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