Introducing Lily Jinks’s Clean Up Crew

Fifteen-year-old Lily Jinks was approached by Landcare to design a new comic strip especially for the Barrier Truth, exploring the themes of lead issues and environmental problems within Broken Hill – the first of which is published below.

The comic follows two characters, one who has just moved from Sydney to Broken Hill, and the other a local who’s been in town since he was born.

There’s a fun dynamic playing out between the rich Sydneysider who attended a private school, Lily says, and who gets to ask questions, and the “bogan-type” local who gets to teach her.

“The dynamic plays where you want the reader to learn about lead and all the environmental problems that people aren’t really aware about in Broken Hill anymore, or just haven’t been aware of at all”, Lily, who’s about to enter Year 10 at Willyama High School, told the Barrier Truth.

Influenced by her father Tim – who’s also an artist – and her love of comics and cartoons, getting the chance to create a comic of her own that will span many an issue does excite the young artist. Being able to expand on the characters and the ideas, Lily’s excited to get the message across.

“I plan to explore fun mini stories that everytime a new one comes out, you can look forward to the next one and see what’s going to happen. I do look forward to spreading that message of just taking a little care and being more aware of the lead problems in Broken Hill and how it all started, or just something as simple as planting or cleaning up, stuff like that,” Lily says.

“I think it’s important because I was told so much about it by my dad and from Landcare, so I want others to know who are like me that didn’t know about these problems before to learn about it. I just hope people learn about the message like I did, and I wasn’t aware before, but now I am. I just hope others get to have a fun time reading it too and enjoy the characters.”

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