Airport amenities set to take off

Broken Hill Airport – the gateway to our region – has been in the news recently for its lack of facilities, poor parking and difficulty getting into the city because of a lack of taxis, but it looks like changes are on their way.

The City Council has been working in the background to try and solve some of the issues, with potential solutions discussed at Wednesday’s full Council meeting.

Council has been taking expressions of interest (EOI) from several transport businesses who are keen to offer a bus shuttle service from the airport to the city. At the moment it is very hard to get a taxi from the airport – few are available.

“We’ve had a couple of interested parties looking at the airport shuttle, so we’re just getting back in contact with them and how we can support them, different models, how we can support them, and we are still open to any other further interest,” Council’s General Manager, Jay Nankevill, told the Truth.

“We have received a couple of expressions of interest. So that’s a better place than where we were a month ago.”

“We have received a couple of expressions of interest, which is great. So that’s a better place than where we were a month ago.”

Cllr Darriea Turley also flagged the potential of having one of the mobile coffee services set up shop while the Council searches for someone to move into the now vacant café where 28 Eighty once was, something Mr Nankevill said Council was certainly open to.

“Ultimately, we do need to provide a service to our departures and arrivals, and at the moment that is lacking,” said Mr Nankevill.

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