Imperial Lakes Willa Willyong Creek BHCC responsibility

Mayor Kennedy has been reporting a person may be in danger of her home flooding due to increased flows into the Willa Willyong Creek from the Imperial Lakes spillway.

They explained that Willa Willyong Creek is not Essential Water’s responsibility.

They said the person in question had been consulted regarding the 100-year plan and the likely effect this might have due to the changes made to Imperial Lakes.

Willa Willyong Creek will only rise by 100 millimetres if a 100-year flood occurred, they said.

Broken Hill City Council has been approached regarding who has responsibility for the Willa Willyong Creek. As it flows along, a spokesperson said it falls under the Broken Hill Local Government Area, the Willyama Common, a mining lease, then the unincorporated area.

“This is a complex issue and Council will seek clarification around the matter from Essential Water and other relevant water authorities,” a spokesperson from Broken Hill City Council said.

The Willa Willyong Creek runs from behind the Jubilee Oval to the common diverts around P0tosi Mine and into the Imperial Lakes.

Willa Willyong continues next to the Sydney Road and beyond the Broken Hill City Council boundary from the Lakes.

According to Essential Water, water from the Imperial Lakes did not flow over the spillway during the 61mm deluge last Friday.

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