IAT launches new training programs

The NSW government’s Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) has launched a range of new training modules and programs for 2024, including a microskills program, as well as a microcredentials initiative.

The microskills program will see small, self-directed courses made available to participants, with only a few hours of on-demand content required for completion.

The microcredentials initiative provides participants with practical and assessed short courses, with a recognised certification in the relevant industry skill provided once the course is completed.

While the learning programs are industry-driven, they contain courses for both construction and digital applications.

Erica Haskard, a Business Advisor for the Business Connect Program, told the Truth, “the courses offered by the Institute of Applied Technology provide small business owners with the opportunity to acquire specific, practical skills that are directly applicable to their industry.

“By offering bite-sized micro skills and recognised microcredentials in areas such as project management, CAD drawing, digital skills like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, these courses enable small business owners to efficiently upskill or reskill according to their needs and schedule.

“This flexibility allows them to enhance their expertise, stay competitive, and adapt to the evolving demands of their business environment, ultimately driving growth and success.”

One microcredential program on offer is the 2D CAD Drawings and 3D Models in Construction module, which is offered at $180 for up to 20 hours of study.

Another microcredential program is the Project Management Foundations in Construction module, also priced at $180 but requiring up to 50 hours of study.

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) course has also been made available as part of the Microskill program, with up to five hours of study required to complete the fully discounted course.

An Introduction to Cloud Computing Course is another Microskill program, which is also fully discounted and requires just five hours of study.

The courses have been heralded as a way to provide affordable, and even free, training to those in employment and seeking employment, particularly in a time when cost-of-living pressures are hurting people from all walks of life.

However, while the courses might be beneficial for employers who wish to up-train their staff, in some instances they might not be an appropriate substitute for formal qualifications and training packages, which are regularly provided by Robinson College and TAFE NSW.

Individuals and business owners can view the entire list of available courses at

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