IAHA Leadership Program opens

The 2024 Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) Leadership Program is open for expressions of interest until February 29.

The IAHA program has been designed to promote a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, cultural governance, advocacy, influencing others, community development and Nation-building approaches, according to IAHA.

The IAHA says the program will be guided by “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of working, including knowing, being and doing. The Program develops the attributes and skills to become an effective, culturally responsive Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander leader”.

The program will take approximately 60 hours spread across a nine-month duration, averaging approximately one and a half hours a week commitment from those taking part. This allows time for program participants to undertake their leadership project, as part of the IAHA program.

The Program includes – on April 10 to13 – an intensive two-and-a-half-day face-to-face session for participants, and then a minimum of six online professional development webinars focusing on topics including community development, advocacy, working with and in government, and Indigenous nation building.

The program will also allow for online training in cultural responsiveness and cultural responsiveness in mentoring.

Then attendees will complete their group or individual Leadership Project, followed by a one-day face-to-face session, which aligns with the IAHA National Conference.

Well-known local, Cory Paulson, completed the program in 2022.

He told us, “one key take away of the program was how the First Nations’ cultural ways of knowing, being, and doing, connects to how we lead in health and other industries”.

“The benefit was the IAHA’s network of First Nations leaders and knowledge holders’ expertise that supported, educated, and mentored us through the program and who were able to generate insights on leadership through a cultural lens,” Mr Paulson said.

He also cited continuous involvement, where possible, with the organisation post-program, including attendance at their annual events and cultural learning opportunities, as well as regular engagement with the IAHA membership network.

More information relating to the program, as well as the EOI form, can be found via


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