“I think the big kids did it” – park vandalism

The effects of pointless vandalism

Children from the Playtime Preschool were faced with a big disappointment last Monday when they went for their excursion to Patton Park.

Next door to the Preschool, the park is a great place for the children to visit.

They penned the following letter to the Barrier Truth.

“Dear Big Kids,
We visited Patton Park on Monday September 19 and we found that someone had broken the playground.
We were upset that our park had been broken and someone had burnt a hole in our wheel swing.
Please be careful of our park because we like playing there. It was not nice thing to do and next time be careful.”

Ellie Borlace, one of the children affected, said that they burned it, and it made her very sad.


“I think the big kids did it.”

Her sister, Zaria Borlace, said that someone put bubble gum in there and it was yucky.

Oscar Sawires added that he was disappointed “and now we can’t play on it”.

Theresa Gilmour, supervisor of the Playtime preschool said, that with Covid they hadn’t been able to go over to the park much.

“However, next year we want to put it on our enrolment forms to make it a regular thing.

“But if keeps getting damaged it means we can’t go there to play on the equipment or have Teddy Bear picnics or things like that.

“It appears that the vandals have taken a lighter of some description and burned holes in the plastic,” said Ms Gilmour.

All the children agreed that lighters should only be used for lighting candles and not for breaking playground equipment.

Broken Hill Council are aware of the issue, being picked up in a recent inspection, and they are just waiting on parts to complete repairs.

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