Happy 100th birthday Heather

Today Heather Merritt will become the latest Broken Hill resident to turn 100 years old.

Having lived in the Silver City for well over half of her life, she moved here in 1956, Ms Merritt told the Truth the secret to reaching the milestone is to, “take everything as it comes”.

“It is a lovely place to live,” Ms Merritt said of living in Broken Hill.

Still an active member of the Anglican Church, Ms Merritt goes to service every Sunday, and out for coffee with friends afterwards.

“I have had a wonderful life in the church. I have met so many interesting people who are thoughtful and kind. The church has been a great backstop for me,” Ms Merrit said.

Ms Merritt backpacked around Europe in the 1950s, well before such travel was commonplace, before moving to Broken Hill to raise her children as was routine at the time, foregoing a promising career as an Occupational Therapist.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Ms Merritt joined the Mothers Union soon after arriving in the Hill, something she enjoyed immensely as it allowed her to travel around New South Wales catering and fundraising.

With a special dinner at the Old Saltbush Restaurant on the night of her birthday, there is also a big birthday party planned at The Palace on September 16.

“I just can’t believe it. I can’t wait,” Ms Merrit told the Truth.

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