Harmony for all

Morgan Street Public School students celebrated the first day of Harmony Week. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Broken Hill children as young as five have learnt and embraced the meaning of Harmony Week.

Students attending Morgan Street Public School are engaging in activities to acknowledge the important occasion that aims to celebrate cultural diversity.

School principal, Scott Sanford, said the primary school students have taken the significance of the week onboard.

“Our kids are always open,” he said. “It’s our role to help them to see the connection between what they do and how it connects into our school values and the bigger wider values of our society.”

On Monday, students were dressed in orange to mark the first day of the week-long celebration and participated in classroom-based activities to develop their knowledge and understanding.


“Children engaged in activities in their classes to acknowledge the meaning of Harmony Day,” Mr Sanford said.

“It helped them to get an understanding to what the day means and the backgrounds of the many people in our community and all the things that make this country special.”

Activities were designed around respect, inclusiveness and belonging. Some classes also delved deeper to learn more about the cultural backgrounds of their peers.

A whole school photo was also used to represent unification within the school community and showcase the ongoing stance to achieve harmony in society.

Mr Sandford believes this type of education at a young age can help shape and strengthen the values of students to foster long-term attitudes of inclusiveness.

“Our school and our country have a core set of values and how we can make a connection to the values we hold,” he said.

“The impact we can have on other people by being inclusive, showing that respect and giving that helping hand out, creating that sense of belonging is what we are all looking for.

“Embracing that diversity and understanding is so key to adding to the society of tomorrow.”

The school said it has an ongoing commitment in all areas to supporting families to build the student’s skills for the future.

“Our main purpose is not just about today, it’s also about supporting and working with our community to develop our students for their future,” Mr Sandford said.

“When they leave primary or high school, we want to work with our families to support them to develop their building blocks within their children so that they are able to thrive in our society.”

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