Small Businesses of Broken Hill – Britt Hendy-McCormack

by Dylan Stone

Young entrepreneur Britt Hendy-McCormack has plans to transition her hairstyling and hair-braiding hobby into a business…

Barrier Truth – What is your business?

Britt – I do hairstyles and braid styles, so if customers want curls or colours, I can do that. I also do synthetic hair, where we loop strands of artificial hair into the braids and then braid them together with the customers’ hair. It takes a bit of time to get used to doing that though.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of friends for a few years, but in the last 12 months I’ve started advertising and offering my products and services to the public.

I’ve always wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a kid, but I delayed going away for the courses. I figured out how to do the styles with the braids, so I don’t need to cut people’s hair. I’ve always had an interest in this, and I’m learning a lot as I am going along.

BT – What is your current business? What do you offer the community that may be unique?

Britt – I only know of a handful of hairdressers who do the synthetic braids, so I’m offering something to the community that most other businesses aren’t. Some weeks I have crazy amounts of customers and I was running out of colours, but other weeks it can be quiet.

BT – What are some of the benefits and challenges of being in business?

Britt – One of the best benefits is meeting new people, but I’m also developing new friendships with the customers as well. Seeing how happy they are when they have their braids is rewarding. It’s also keeping me busy, I’m on the go all the time, so this helps keep me moving.

I’ve had a few challenges when I first started, such as trying to judge the customers’ hair with the synthetic hair. So, if they had thick or long hair, I found it hard to make it look perfect. But this isn’t the case now, because I’ve become more confident in styling.

BT – What advice would you give someone considering opening their own business?

Britt – I wouldn’t change anything I’m doing because I’ve learnt as I’ve gone along. I’ve found it easier to dive in and do it, instead of watching a video and learning that way. So, I had been telling people ‘I’m not the greatest at the moment,’ but they were really understanding and now I’m being complimented on how much I’ve improved.

BT – Where can customers find you?

Britt – On my public Facebook account, Britt Hendy-McCormack, which has been specifically made for my hobby. I do appointments which can be organised through my Facebook Page, and I post my availabilities on this profile a week or two in advance. However, customers can message the page and request a specific time.

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