Broken Hill gears up for Bird Count

Spring is in full swing in Broken Hill, and it brings with it a call to the community to participate in the 10th annual Great Aussie Bird Count from 16 to 22 October.

Organised by BirdLife Australia, this citizen science initiative invites locals and visitors alike to dedicate just 20 minutes to birdwatching. The goal is to gather crucial data for avian conservation efforts.

“The Aussie Bird Count fosters a deep connection with the land, offering residents a unique opportunity to contribute to vital conservation data,” said Sean Dooley, Public Affairs Manager at BirdLife Australia.

Participants can choose any outdoor space — be it a public park or their own backyard — to spend 20 minutes observing and counting birds. This year’s count is especially significant, as it marks a decade of data collection. This provides conservationists with more substantial trends to analyse.

Broken Hill residents have a unique opportunity to spotlight their local birdlife on a national scale. By participating, they can offer essential information that helps track distribution trends and assess the bird species that are flourishing, and those which may require urgent conservation attention.

The Aussie Bird Count also offers an engaging experience for the entire family. Parents can introduce their children to the wonders of nature, educating them while exploring the local environment. From the seasoned birdwatcher to the interested novice, everyone can contribute to this large-scale, collective effort.

The initiative boasts a strong educational component. An in-built “bird finder” tool is available for those who might be new to bird identification. This ensures that even those who are unfamiliar with local bird species can contribute to the study without hesitancy.

“By spending just 20 minutes observing and counting birds, locals and visitors in Broken Hill can play a significant role in conserving Australia’s unique bird species,” Mr Dooley said.

With this year’s Aussie Bird Count just around the corner, the Broken Hill community is encouraged to seize this chance to deepen its relationship with the environment while making a meaningful contribution to the preservation of Australia’s native birdlife.

Find out more and register for the Aussie Bird Count here:

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