Got a bug in your ear?

Patients are travelling to Mildura for hearing procedures that can be undertaken in Broken Hill.

A spokesperson for Country Hearing Care said they had noticed a trend in clients travelling from Broken Hill to the clinic in Mildura for procedures like ear wax removal.

The Country Hearing Care Clinic on Sulphide Street in Broken Hill has an audiologist trained to undertake safe and reliable procedures that utilise the latest micro-suction equipment and techniques, said the spokesperson.

“If you suspect that you have a build-up of wax, we suggest that you arrange to have a quick check,” Broken Hill Audiologist Rebecca Wright said.

Ear wax occurs naturally irrespective of age or gender.


More significant ear wax build-up in some individuals can lead to discomfort, a loss of hearing, tinnitus; which is a ringing in the ears, and even a loss of balance.

“For our hearing aid clients, we provide a wax management service as part of your overall hearing care package,” Ms Wright said.

Country Hearing Care is located at 302 Sulphide Street in Broken Hill.

More information is available from the clinic on 1800 432 748.

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