Giving thanks for the Queen

There will be a service to remember the Queen and give thanks for her life on the National Day of Mourning, on Thursday September 22 at St Peters Church in Lane St.

The Reverend Helen Ferguson, who will be holding the service, said, “personally, the Queen was such an icon, I thought she would be around forever. I knew that wasn’t true but she had been Queen all my life and so it just seemed that way.

“She is in a good place now.”

Reverend Ferguson said that the Queen was a firm believer and as Jesus entered the world for service, she believed the Queen felt the same way.

“We will give thanks for her life, her service to the world, the commonwealth and the church,” she added.


The Ecumenical Service is for everyone who would like to attend and give thanks for the Queen.

The service will be at St Peters Anglican Church at 335 Lane Street and the service will start at 2pm.

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