Ghost busters tour the Truth

Donald, Elizabeth and Charlie stole the show this week when the spectral visitors were apparently identified by psychic medium paranormal investigation team Paranormal 11.11 on a tour of our 125 year old offices after appearing at The Outback Spiritual Festival.

The Festival brought an array of astral realm enthusiasts to the region last weekend, with people from far and wide filling a field of marquees and teepees at Broken Hill Outback Resort for the two-day festival that organisers hope will be the first of many.

Paranormal 11:11 were one of the 90 exhibitors strutting their spiritual stuff at the Festival, so we stopped for a chat with Prue and Lisa about what they do and where they planned to do it while in town.

“We’re a duo psychic medium paranormal investigation team from Victoria,” said Prue. “It’s wonderful to be here for the festival – we’ve not been here before so it’s a real adventure for us, and we’re really looking forward to doing a few tours of old sites around Broken Hill while we’re here.”

We invited Paranormal 11:11 along to our historic building on print night and with the 50-year-old print press chugging along in the background, ‘Donald’ stole the limelight, with Elizabeth and Charlie also dropping by to introduce themselves to the paranormal professionals, with our somewhat sceptic crew of curious onlookers recording the event.

With car aerials used as dowsing rods, crossing for a Yes and pointing in certain directions when requested – even handing out occasional hugs – a Spirit Box was used to catch comments flowing across radio waves monitored by clairvoyant, Imogen. Motion detecting cat balls lit up while sitting solo with not a cat in sight, and to top off the close encounter, the Rem-Pod buzzed and flashed lights, reportedly reading nearby electromagnetic fields and setting a fun but surreal late-night adventure at the old Barrier Truth building.

“We’re so grateful to be invited to do a paranormal investigation of the Barrier Truth – there’s so much going on here – Donald seems especially excited by the print press being in operation – and it’s no wonder with all the staff who’ve worked here over the last century,” said Prue, with Lisa and Imogen agreeing that the historic workplace feels “clear of negative or heavy energies”.

So, with some still sceptic, it was business-as-usual at the Truth the next morning with the team back at desks tapping away on upcoming stories, sharing a few laughs with our newfound colleagues, Donald, Elizabeth, and Charlie.

Organiser of the Outback Spiritual Festival, Jill Glasson, told the Truth she’s so grateful to people for trusting and sharing the intention and vision that made the festival happen.

“Committing time and effort to come from around the country and all over the world, it’s a unique event and connections and community have been created, so I hope to be able to grow this and keep moving forward with connecting people together.”

Believer or non-believer, be sure to check out the Paranormal 11:11 video on the Barrier Truth Facebook page at:

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