Gauci Girls get their bus stop after 50 year wait

Fifty years is a long time to wait for anything, but that is how long sisters, fondly dubbed the ‘Gauci Girls’ have been waiting for a bus stop that was finally opened on Gypsum Street on Monday.

The date is significant to Roslyn and Barbara, it marks exactly 12 months since the passing of their other sister Patricia.

The sister trio are legendary in the Silver City, and while they waited for Broken Hill City Council to get the bus shelter up and make the stop an official part of bus routes, the girls had created their own temporary bus stop.

“We are very happy. We have waited such a long time to get one a bus stop. When Mum was alive, we used to catch the bus from here, so it is really nice to get one,” Roslyn Gauci told the Truth.

Members of Broken Hill City Council attended the unveiling of the bus stop, including General Manager Jay Nankevill and Mayor Tom Kennedy.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t done while the three sisters were alive after the passing of Pat 12 months ago, Mayor Kennedy said.

“That’s a great loss to both the girls, but we’re so happy for them and the family that there’s something here that perhaps should have been here 50 years ago,”

“We know our sister Pat will be looking down at us, saying well done girls,” said Barbara Gauci.

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