Gas leak empties fridges at Woolworths

All in a days work according to Acting Manager of Woolworths in Broken Hill.

Acting Manager, Luca Gasic, said he’s had plenty experience in fridges breaking down in the past.

“The chilled section started to leak refrigerant gas and we had to quickly move everything off the shelves and into the coolers in the back of the store,” he said.

He explained this has happened before and with today’s temperature it’s a matter of acting quickly to save the food from the heat and that was done so Woolworths won’t loose any produce.

“Hopefully the fridges will be fixed quickly and then it will be back to normal.


“We are actually lucky in Broken Hill because as a country town our supplies are prioritised before the metro shops,” he said.

He added that it isn’t like the first time COVID hit and people panic bought.

“Because we are isolated the company tries to keep the food and goods flowing to us,” he said.

“Stock availability is fine,” he added.

Mr Gasic explained that Broken Hill Woolworths was actually in a worse position three to four months ago.

“We had a lot of our team members hit with COVID,” he said.

“We are fine now and nearly all our team is vaccinated.”

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