Food swap takes off

A new initiative has started up in the Silver City, with keen gardeners and produce growers getting together at Sturt Park for a food swap on the first Sunday of each month.

Beginning as a general conversation about gardening between a couple of home gardeners, it was quickly realised it would be useful to get together to share information about gardening in Broken Hill to improve their skills in the garden.

It led to a further realisation that gardeners often produce excess crops, so the idea was born to get together to swap or trade excess food.

“I think it’s good for gardeners and makers of food in Broken Hill to get together and swap ideas,” organiser Dan Schulz told the Truth.

 “We can come together and share some knowledge and get an idea about what everyone’s growing and producing and collaborate a little bit.

“It’s also connected to an interest in food sustainability and trying to not just produce food for ourselves, but also to maybe share some of that with the community, which helps with connection in the community, but also resilience of the community in terms of food sustainability.”

Home-grown produce, including vegetables, fruit, seeds, seedlings, preserves, eggs, and even worm juice for use in enriching soil, can all be swapped by bringing items to the monthly meet-up in Sturt Park where further ideas for growing can also be discussed and shared.

A group of people with produce to swap will be stationed at the Wolfram St end of Sturt Park from 9am to 10am on the first Sunday of each month. The next meet-up is scheduled for this Sunday, September 3.

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