Flight prices take off


Broken Hill resident and frequent flyer, Selena Mazuran, says airline Rex is ripping off regional travellers with ever soaring airfares between the Silver City to Sydney, but Rex says the increases are justified.

“Rex is ripping off regional travellers,” says Ms Maruzan.

“Three years ago Rex flights were around $199 for a one-way ticket between Broken Hill and Sydney, so pensioners could usually afford to fly to attend medical appointments in the city, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult with one-way flights now costing between $400 to over $600,” Ms Mazuran told the Truth this week.

“The price of flights would come down when you booked 24 hours leading up to the flight time, but this is no longer happening with Rex. This is unfortunate, especially considering that regional travellers helped to kickstart Rex Airlines by supporting Kendell and Hazelton Airlines services in our region years ago.

“It seems to me that Rex and Qantas are in cahoots, taking advantage of people living in remote regions who may not be able to drive such long distances, especially for medical appointments,” said Ms Mazuran. “I’ve contacted Rex, including their CEO, but have received no response,” she said.

The Barrier Truth contacted Rex for comment on Ms Mazuran’s concerns.

“Rex has reported an operational loss of over $30million last financial year.  Is Rex expected to keep airfares low and lose more money?” asks Laura Tanous from Rex’s Corporate Communications team.

“In the past, Rex was able to moderate airfares and provide Rex community fares within 24 hours of the flight when it was the only carrier from the capital cities to Broken Hill,” she said.

“With Qantas’s entry on the route, the similar passenger demand has essentially split between two carriers. As such, the average price per ticket needs to go up to cover the same costs. This is pure mathematics.

“To accuse Rex of being in cahoots with Qantas is pure fantasy,” says Ms Tanous. “Rex is the airline that has been vehemently criticising Qantas’s market behaviour at a time when nobody else in Australia dared to do so.

“Frequent flyers should perform some research on the situation before making such comments.”

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