Fight leaves bloody forensic trail

The grisly scene in front of Ferry’s.

Passers by were shocked in Argent Street on Saturday morning to see the entrance way to Ferrys’ shop covered in blood and blood splattered on the windows.

People have reported seeing the scene as early as 1:30am on Sunday morning after leaving the Night Train.

They also alleged to have seen a couple fighting in the area.

We cannot confirm that this was related to the Ferrys’ scene.

Ferrys’ owner, Susan McDonald, was alerted Sunday morning by her son who told her there were police attending the shop and the scene had been taped off.


“We only have some vague knowledge that some sort of fight took place,” she said.

The forensic team attended the scene till 2pm in the afternoon.

Another passer by who saw the scene was shocked at the site.

He said he didn’t believe this could happen in the main street of Broken Hill.

“We’ve had the shop at this location for 35 years and nothing like this has happened before,” Ms McDonald said.

According to unconfirmed reports one of the people involved in the fracas has been flown to Adelaide for treatment.

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