Facelift for Post Office

Post Office in Argent Street

It is indeed strange to look up and see a man standing next to the Broken Hill Post Office clock but this is a sight to get used to while the post office receives it’s new facelift.

The post office is apparently being restored to its former glory.

The tower is wrapped in scaffolding but on the ground level there is nothing stopping you from going to the post office as usual.

Rumours state the repairs will cost around 5 million dollars and includes the roof being repaired after the hailstorm from six years ago.

A local shop owner said it was great to see the building receiving attention.


The post office clock has received a few repairs over the years and was smashed in the hailstorm.

Since then, it has had different coloured glass in different segments so it will be great to see how it fairs on the other side of the refurbishments.

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