2DRY FM Radiothon- Eliza-Jayne

Listeners of 107.7 2DRY FM’s Thursday evening broadcast will already be acquainted with the country music tunes of Eliza-Jayne. This week, the Truth sits down with her to discuss her role at the station and how 2DRY FM has been “absolutely lifechanging.”

Eliza-Jayne first met Adrian Eckert, another 2DRY FM presenter previously featured by the Truth during the Radiothon launch, while on holiday at the end of 2018.

“I made a throwaway comment that I could move to Broken Hill, and he said that if I came to town, I could become the station’s weather girl,” she chuckled.

Despite lacking prior experience in radio, Eliza-Jayne moved to Broken Hill in February 2019 and visited the station because she “wanted to become involved in something community-focused.”

Almost immediately, she found herself serving as the station’s weather girl. Within just two months, Mr Eckert began mentoring her in producing her own advertisements and weather reports.

Living with vision impairment, Eliza-Jayne built a close working relationship with Mr Eckert, who also has a vision impairment. They quickly bonded over their mutual admiration for community radio.

By July 2019, Eliza-Jayne had become the station’s production assistant. A mere month later, she launched her own country music show, Hoedown with Eliza-Jayne, which airs on Thursday evenings.

The Hoedown has been running continuously for four years; I haven’t missed a week,” Eliza-Jayne proudly stated.

Her experience at 2DRY FM led her to a paid position with Hill-FM, where she has been presenting from 10 am to 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday, for over two and a half years.

“I learned so many lessons at 2DRY FM, to the point that I could hone my skills to gain employment in commercial radio, doing my own panelling and production as well,” she noted.

However, Eliza-Jayne realised her true passion lies in community radio because it “gives me a creative license that no other medium gives me.”

Eliza-Jayne is supporting this month’s Radiothon, recognizing the invaluable services that community radio offers.

“To be active in community radio, and to meet people in the community, particularly for people with a disability or those who identify as disabled, gives a sense of community and alleviates feelings of disadvantage,” she said.

To get involved, to donate, or for more information relating to the Radiothon, head to

This link also records the current balance of donations, of which 2DRY are watching with interest as the Radiothon progresses.

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