Duck, duck, pelican

The Zinc Lakes has become a dumping ground for pet ducks. PICTURE: EVE-LYN KENNEDY

A group of ducks have recently been dumped at the Zinc Lakes.

The two ducks came to the attention of Katrina Ware, a regular visitor to the lakes.

“I’m just worried about the ducks as one has an injured wing.,” she said.

There is also what look like three Indian Runner Ducks and the normal resident ducks wandering around.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time as numerous types of aquatic animals seem to find their way into the water.

“The white ducks have been here for a while and the drake came along recently. He hung around the entrance for a day or two but now he has made friends with the other ducks and seems quite happy,” she said.

Another regular visitor to the Lakes pointed out that during one investigation into wildlife at the lake they discovered a cod, numerous perch, catfish, goldfish, european carp, as well as turtles and yabbies which have all at some time or other been dumped in the lake.

He said the lake was emptied during the drought and the local native ducks left at that point and have not returned.

The man said they often have new ducks arrive and they seem to settle well into the lakes.

Broken Hill people go out to feed the ducks so if you do it is good to feed them zucchini, peas, leafy greens, corn, vegetable peels, non-citrus fruit and worms but not bread.

Bread has little nutritional value and can affect ducklings growth.

The RSPCA were contacted regarding the duck with wing problem but they apparently only have inspectors in Broken Hill when they have enough cases to attend.

Peter and his pelican

A pelican landed in an Argent Street backyard where Peter Connelly lives.

He couldn’t believe it when he walked out and there it was.

He said the bird wasn’t very aggressive so he captured it and took it to the RSPCA where the local vet is giving it the once over.

Peter had been a RRANA volunteer in the past and he said the bird looked in good condition.

He said the local RSPCA were happy to receive the bird and will contact RRANA once the pelican is given the all-clear.

If you find a native animal in trouble you can call RRANA on 0429 204 416.

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