Door smashed, $5000 worth of damage to YMCA Aquatic Centre

The YMCA Aquatic centre was targeted on Saturday at 11.30pm by an individual attempting to break in.

Centre Manager Bernice Hay said the staff are very upset and they don’t understand why the pool would be targeted.

“The person smashed a door into the Hydrotherapy Pool in an attempt to enter the Centre. The glass went all over the floor and into the pool,” Ms Hay said.

“The Aquatic Centre had to be closed for 24 hours to clean up the glass in the pool. We could see shards in the pool and the only way to make sure the pool was completely safe for our patrons was to run the filtration system for 24 hours before allowing people to use it,” Ms Hay said.

The person not only broke the window to the door but also bent the door frame.

Police have publicly said they are looking for an individual who was wearing all black clothes, including a black face mask.

“Someone out there knows who it is or who has done it,” Broken Hill Police Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Tom Aylett, said.

If you have any information, contact Broken Hill Police Station.

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