Disruption to trains between Broken Hill and Sydney

Train passengers travelling between Broken Hill and Sydney will be transferred to buses due to a landslide in Mount Victoria.  

The landslide washed away part of the Main Western Line through the Blue Mountains on July 5.

A spokesperson from Transport for NSW advised that passengers travelling between Broken Hill and Sydney on NSW train services will be bused between Bathurst and Sydney until the line is restored for passenger services.

The Indian Pacific was also impacted by the landslide and had to cancel its regular tours around Broken Hill on Thursday morning.

Silver City Tours were advised on Wednesday night there could be delays to the Indian Pacific. However, they weren’t sure about the length of the delay so sent their drivers to meet the Indian Pacific on Thursday morning said Silver City Operator Wincen Cuy.


The drivers were advised that the tours were cancelled about thirty minutes later.

Mark Curtis, who normally plays piano for the tours, walked to the station to see how late the train would be.

“Sometimes, when the train is late, the tours in Broken Hill are compacted into a shorter timeframe. The tours are usually an hour long. When there are delays, the tours are contracted to about half an hour,” Mr Curtis said.

“I suspect the delays are caused by the wash away in the Blue Mountains,” he said.

A spokesperson for Transport for NSW said it could take up to six weeks to fully restore the track for passenger services.

The Minister for Regional Transport, Sam Farraway, said the embankment supporting the track was still shifting until last weekend.

It was only this week that the site was safe for around eighty workers to access and begin repairing the significant damage.

Transport for NSW and Mr Faraway decided to prioritise critical freight movements and restore one track to allow the movement of coal and wheat freight services by the end of the month.

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