Demons Lead in Weekly 8-Ball Wrap

Jokers 8-Ball Photo

The third round of the Broken Hill 8-Ball Summer League was played last Thursday night at the Rising Sun Hotel.

The Hotballs defeated the Breakaways 10-6 with Adrian Winter and Adam Huxley named as best players, and the Pool Warriors defeated the Nic Nacs 10-6 with Jessie Sumalinog and Gerry Lehman named as best players.

Another 10-6 scorecard was recorded when the Demons defeated the Jokers, with Scott Farquhar and Bradley Cece named best players, and Scott Farquhar was named player of the week, thanks to his first master shot for the season.

As the ladder stands, the Demons are first with 13-33, and the Jokers and Pool Warriors are closely behind with 9-27 and 9-26 respectively. The Nic Nacs are fourth with 5-20, followed by the Hot Balls at 6-21 and Breakaways at 3-17.

“The format is going really well, and its’ benefits are showing for division two players already,” Mr Farquhar told the Truth.


“I’ve seen great improvement in Cody Morris and Jake Heffernan who both picked up vital wins in round three’s match up against fellow top team the Jokers.

“I can only imagine the improvement after the season is done and I’m just very happy to be a part of that and help these younger guys reach their full potential,” he concluded.

At the Silver City Workingmens Club, a members-only scotch doubles 8-ball competition was held on Thursday night at 7pm for cash prizes.

In the first round, Eric and Sol defeated Darren and Luke 3-2, with Jason and Mark defeating Chris and Damo with the same score.

Rowie and Thomas defeated Matt and Steve 3-0, with the same result reflected in Wok and Trev’s games against Dee and Ronny.

In the semi-finals, Rowie and Thomas narrowly won against Eric and Sol 3-2, and Wok and Trev soundly defeated Jason and Mark 3-0 to make it into the grand finals.

Ultimately, Rowie and Thomas scratched out a 3-1 win against Wok and Trev, and they were subsequently crowned team of the week.

An 8-ball knockout competition was also held on Sunday afternoon at 3pm at the Workies Club for club voucher prizes.

From a significant turnout, Roey, Batesy, Shaun, Deidre, Steve, Craig, Gavin, Thomas, Bobcat, Chris, and Wok made it through their first-round matches, with Harold, Ross, Eric, Sol, and Brad scooting through round 1 via byes.

From there, Roey, Shaun, Deidre, Craig, Gavin, Bobcat, Wok and Brad made it through round 2, and in round 3, Shuan defeated Roey 2-0, Craig defeated Deidre 2-0, and the same scores were reflected with Bobcat’s defeat of Gavin, and Wok’s defeat of Brad.

In the semi-finals, Wok then defeated Bobcat 2-0, and Craig narrowly etched out a win against Shaun 2-1.

This led to an intense grand final match between Craig and Wok, with Wok ultimately winning the tournament by the barest of margins of three games to Craig’s two.

The Workies Club knockouts are free to attend for members, and more information can be found by calling the Club on 08 8087 5337.

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