Debuting at 52 Knott fazing Cindy

Playing Australian Rules Football for the first time at the age of 52 – ahead of a national tournament no less – Cindy Knott is entering the unknown.

Ms Knott has been selected to play for South Australia in the Over 40s division the AFL Masters Carnival when it gets underway in Maroochydore tomorrow.

“Debuting at 52, playing footy, it’s probably a bit daunting, but it’s exciting as well because I actually miss playing team sport,” Ms Knott told the Barrier Truth.

Growing up playing basketball and soccer, Ms Knott will be the first current Broken Hill resident to compete at the AFL Masters Carnival. Former locals Meagan Fowler and Natalie Thomas have previously taken part in the tournament but weren’t living in Broken Hill at the time.

“I’m nervous, but we’ll see how it goes,” said Ms Knott.

“Hopefully I don’t break down, hopefully I can run. I’m looking forward to it and I’m pretty proud to be representing as someone from Broken Hill.”

As for which on-field position she expects to play, Ms Knott says she’d be suited to either a midfield or forward role.

“I can mark the ball, so that’s not a bad thing,” she said.

“I’d like to get a few tackles, tackle a few of the other women and you never know, I might come off with a goal. Let’s see. I’d be pretty chuffed if I did!”

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