Darling Baaka River Convoy launches for Round Two

Sneaky Snag Captain Carol Carney in last year’s Darling Baaka River Convoy. PICTURE: OTIS FILLEY

Seven women in five boats, a few good men and their supporters launched the second Darling Baaka River Convoy from Menindee weir yesterday.

Organisers of the convoy said that the journey will be the first opportunity in years to showcase one of the many benefits of a connected and navigable river system.

First Mate of the Sneaky Snag Claire Tellefson said the group want to raise awareness of how important flow is to the Lower Sections of the Darling River for the habitat, the fish and the environment.

“I think it has the opportunity to attract people’s attention, to connect with communities along the river and raise awareness in our own social networks and try and drive home the message, that the river needs connectivity,” she said.

Sneaky Snag Captain Carol Carney said that last year they were disappointed to not be able to navigate the majority of the river and were instead confined to the weir sections of the river.


“We were appalled to see the state of the river, because, with that amount of water going through the system and not reaching the river and going to farming instead, it is killing the river and the communities. “

Ms Tellefson said that with 6,400 ML/day of water releases flowing over Weir 32 in the Lower Darling, the boats should be able to navigate the river easily.

“We will have a couple of canoes to scout the route, but that should be plenty of water for us.

“Last year, when they did the convoy, there was hardly any water in the river,” she said

The Journey from Menindee to Wentworth is expected to take a full month, from April 1st to May 1st.

All are invited to sail, paddle or power a boat for any duration as part of the river convoy.

Entertainment has been organised as part of the convoy in Pooncarie on the 15th and 16th of April, and in Wentworth from April 29th. For more information, visit:

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