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Recently, 27-year-old Dale Sanderson took the leap into small business ownership, and with this leap, he achieved his dream of working for himself and working on his passion for cars.

Mr Sanderson owns and manages Sando’s Car Detailing, and specialises in car washing, vacuuming, and detailing, as well as tyre and engine cleaning.

“I thought of doing it for a long time,” Mr Sanderson mentioned, “and now I’m making that thought a reality.”

Growing up in Broken Hill, Mr Sanderson attended school locally, and has worked locally until he launched the business four months ago.

Notwithstanding the youthful nature of his business, he already has plans to expand, telling the Truth that he will be “hopefully branching into something else in the near future”.

The appeal of small business ownership for Mr Sanderson is that it’s enabled him to be his own boss and to work for himself. This flexibility matched the lifestyle he was seeking, and allows him to take on as much or as little work as necessary to ensure the business remains profitable and successful well into the future.

However, when asked about the challenges of small business ownership, Mr Sanderson laughed that the biggest challenge is that “you work for yourself.”

He succinctly vocalised what so many other small business owners understand – that working for yourself is both a benefit and a challenge.

For example, if a small business owner can’t accept additional customers or jobs due to a high workload or other commitments, the flow-on effects of knocking back work can be damaging to their brand and business.

All too often, as Mr Sanderson has discovered, the freedom of working for yourself comes with the responsibilities of making difficult business decisions, as well as having to be a true jack-of-all-trades in a small business.

With his vision to grow the business into maturity, Mr Sanderson said that his advice for aspiring business owners is to “go for it, (as) no great companies (were) started by sitting around twiddling with their thumbs.”

“Go out and do it, who cares if you fail, that’s more than what most people can say,” he added.

With this can-do attitude, Mr Sanderson has already made an impact in the local car detailing industry, snapping up dozens of customers in the last few weeks.

Mr Sanderson can be contacted for car detailing services on 0487 358 271, or he can be found on Facebook at Sandos Car Detailing. Alternatively, he can be emailed on [email protected] Welcome to the small business community, Mr Sanderson!

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