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Broken Hill 8-Ball Summer League

The first round of the Broken Hill 8-Ball Summer League commenced on Thursday night, with six teams, totalling almost 40 players, playing in the competition from the Rising Sun Hotel.

Brad Cece and Leon Hodge, from the Broken Hill 8-Ball Association (BHEBA), took the initiative to commence the Summer Competition during the off-season.

Player Glenn Williams told the Truth that “the culture within the BHEBA is something we can be proud of as an Association, and to have players from lower divisions interested in developing not only their own game, but that of other members by coordinating this summer competition is exciting in itself.”

Mr Williams congratulated Mr Cece, Mr Hodge, as well as Superleague player Adrian Winter, “who has assisted (Mr Cece and Mr Hodge) with structuring the format and producing the scorecards for the competition.”

The evening consists of four rounds of three single games and a scotch doubles game at the end of each round, for a total of 16 games.

Mr Williams said, “the structure of teams is in itself is a very exciting initiative, it allows up to two division one players in each team, thus providing experience and a higher degree of skills for the lower division players to experience and provides guidance and coaching in developing their own game.”

He went on to say each team has at least one Divisional one player in their ranks, which “resulted in a number of players changing their shot selection, and playing shots that ended up winning a game, thus playing at a higher level than they’ve previously played.”

He concluded his comments by saying that “I can honestly see the BHEBA having a stronger player base below the Division One (and) Super League (divisions) if this “off season competition” continues.”

On Thursday, the Demons defeated the Nic Nacs 12-4, with Glenn Williams and Lorenzo Benedetti named as best players, and the Pool Warriors defeated the Breakaways 11-5, with Jessie Sumalinog and Rachel Mason named as best players.

The Jokers defeated the Hotballs 10-6, with Jake Beavan and Adrian Winter listed as best players, and Glenn Williams was named as the overall player of the week.

After round 1, the Demons are top of the ladder 5-12, followed closely by the Pool Warriors 4-11 and Jokers 4-10.

The Hotballs sit fourth with 1-6, followed by the Breakaways at 1-5 and then Nic Nacs on 0-4.

At the Silver City Workingmens Club, a members-only scotch doubles 8-ball competition is held on Thursday nights at 7pm for cash prizes, and an 8-ball knockout competition is held on Sunday afternoons at 3pm for club voucher prizes.

On Thursday, eight competitors decided to play a best-of-five singles knockout, as opposed to the usual scotch doubles equivalent.

In the first round, Wok defeated Shaun 3-0, Steve defeated Dylan 3-2, Darren defeated Chris 3-2, and Kim defeated Roey 3-0.

Wok then defeated Steve 3-0 in the second round, and Darren won three games against Kim’s two, to set up an epic grand final clash between the experienced Wok and Darren, who is new to the knockout but has nonetheless been practicing over the last few weeks.

The grand final was ultimately won by Wok who secured all three games in the best-of-five series and was awarded the $50 cash prize.

The Workies Club knockouts are free to attend for members, and more information can be found by calling the Club on 08 8087 5337.

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