Crafts Galore

A highlight of the Silver City Show, the pavilion will showcase different artworks and crafts from an array of entrants all vying to claim the top prize for their designs.

From photography to diamond art, metalwork to quilting, —even baked goods and large diorama displays— the schools, nursing homes, businesses, and residents of Broken Hill have certainly been inventive.

Patricia Borlace, Arts Pavilion Coordinator, has been involved with the Silver City Show for 27 years and told the Barrier Truth that organising these competitions is a highlight each year the event comes around.

“I don’t do anything for myself,” she says.

“I do it for the children of Broken Hill and anybody who wants to enter because I realise there’s lots of people in Broken Hill can never get away to a show. And I just think it’s got to be kept going so that the kids and the elderly in Broken Hill can benefit by it, otherwise there’s nothing for them.”

The Silver City Show wraps up at Memorial Oval today – Saturday – so make sure you buy a ticket at the gate and head to the arts pavilion to see the town’s creative works, entries, and winners.

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